Cape Cod Writer’s Studio

Everyone has a story to tell. With the internet, Kindles and Nooks, self-publishing your writing is easy.   Everyone can read and buy your stories and books globally. The new DIGITAL AGE makes the process easier than you think.

If anyone in your family or your friends has an iPhone, iPad, Kindle or Nook they can read your story again and again. Come join the group, learn how to write, and publish your work and have a lot of fun doing it. Hope to see you at one of our classes. We laugh a lot!


You are invited to participate in a class.

You will need:

* Access to a computer—home or public library

* Microsoft Word – most commonly used program

* Access to a printer—to print out chapters to read at group

* Internet connection—to communicate with group

* Internet connection to publish your stories if you decide to publish

* Desire to see your book in print

* Share your stories with family and friends

* Most of this is all FREE

* Your biggest purchase is paper… (and ink)

* We are currently full with 8 active members and 2 on sabbatical


Currently a waiting list

Call Dennis Public Library availability