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Calling all Authors and Writers

Calling all Authors and Writers

Calling all Authors and WritersCalling all Authors and Writers

Visionary Fiction

Atlantis - Final Days

Book cover of Atlantis-Final Days

This is a book about Atlantis
I was there.

Memories of this civilization and its destruction were so vivid in my dream and waking states for many years, I was compelled to share this story. Historical Romantic Fiction is the category, but to me it is much more than that, it’s a vivid recollection of one of my lives.

Angels in action


Have you ever wondered what the Angels have to do to keep us on course?   How do they make things happen that we think are `coincidences??  Do they have rules and regulations to follow? What do they do in their spare time? What do they like to eat? Can they eat? Do they have normal body parts like ears and feet and muscles? Do they ever lose their temper?   Answers to all of these questions and more are awaiting you inside this book as you read about an unlikely pair of Angels who have taken on a mission? ooops!~ No, an assignment.

All Cooped Up!


All Cooped Up is a book about Seniors - Impersonating Chickens - Impersonating Pincushions. It is really about Seniors having FUN with the life they are now living.  The story touches on many of the issues and conditions Seniors face in their daily lives: the loss of their Frequent Feather Flying License because of age, the rising rates of the Click Clack Cable Company, living on a limited income, the confusing health insurance benefits with benefit benefits for the benefits package they try to decipher. And the losses: loss of vision, loss of hearing, loss of mobility, and especially loss of dear friends, and neighbors.

What Should You Do With Your Life?


Set on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, this is the story of a modern day Cinderella who is sort of a princess in disguise (Aren’t we all?), a handsome prince (of course) and two rather odd Fairy God Angels who were sent to help our princess figure out what she should do with her life!  Filled with insights lighting the path to our own destinies, touched with giggly humor and sprinkled with Angel Dust, you will be swept away into the worlds of make-believe and reality plus given a guided tour of Cape Cod’s unusual hidden beauty as seen through the eyes of a “wash-ashore’ thrown into the bargain!

Christmas Angel Books - Short Stories

A Christmas Wish -One Angel's Story


Dora is on the naughty list. Charming and Impatient decide to have Dora as their Christmas Wish.  Fate intervenes. See what happens.

Liz wants a new life...


Instead she gets a new assignment.  Will a fire station and a dog named Smitty do that? Stay tuned as Charming and Impatient  work their Angel Magic....