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Calling all Authors and Writers

Calling all Authors and Writers

Calling all Authors and WritersCalling all Authors and Writers

the Something Series

Something Witchy - the Pilot


This is the pilot for the series. FREE! on most sites. It begins the stories of how the witches came to heaven, and the problems they had getting there. 

Something Witchy - Book One


This is a continuation of the pilot and the rest of the story. I love writing this series. It is how I think Heaven really is and the different Angels and Witches that live there. 

Something Sinister Book Two


Desdemona wonders if she is a witch or an angel and why her mother deserted her when she was a baby.  This is a continuation of the story populated with angels and witches working together to figure out the sinister plot. 

Something Bloody - Book Three


If you cannot stand the sight of blood, you better NOT read this one...

Now available on most sites.


Something Loverly - Book Four


Love Potion #9 - this book will be launched in the summer of 2019. Watch for it.

Something Merry - Book Five


Coming in November 2019 just in time for Christmas. code word: O. M. G.