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Calling all Authors and Writers

Calling all Authors and Writers

Calling all Authors and WritersCalling all Authors and Writers

Science Fiction


My first Science Fiction Book

Seeded from several star systems to planet earth 100 million years ago for the preservation of humanity, the Stones' ancient knowledge and healing properties were to remain hidden for over 800,000 years. 

Abbie, Sam and Ty risk their lives to rescue the Stones and each other. Travel with them throughout the Galaxy matching wits with the immortal Dr. Durenberg and his attempt to find the stones first for his nefarious purposes to dominate the Universe, one star system at a time.

The Cover

The crystal on the cover is from my personal collection, a Russian Lemurian Ice Quartz.  When I took the photo, the being emerged. Neat? Then I decided to use it for the cover, and he became one of the main characters in the story. 

( Thoren)

What readers are saying about the book

"I loved this book. It was so interesting and fun to read. It was right up my alley! Crystals, fiction, action and love. Perfect combination!"

~Talia - YA Reader, Mahspee, MA

More reviews...

I'm not sure if this book is a part of a series. It needs more explanation and a sequel."

~Celia - Mashpee, MA

"I enjoyed the story a great deal, and hated to see it end.  I also was left wondering what Ty and Abbie would do next."

~K. C. Falmouth, MA

"Very good story, one of the best you have written. Good character development, plot is easy to follow. Story moves along at a quick pace, leaves the reader feeling good at the end."

~ J.M.G. - San Antonio, Texas

Sequel underway

In process - Stones and Clones - 2020.