September Equinox


September 17th


The Equinox, if you remember, occurs in April and September. That is when there are equal hours of daylight and darkness. When this happens on September 22, 2017, the days after that will become shorter, the nights longer. Sad, isn’t it, to think that summer is almost over (officially, Fall doesn’t begin until October 22nd). So, we still have a whole month of Late Summer. This is my favorite season. Warm days, cool nights and a glimpse of red and gold as the trees decide to show some of their glorious colors.

On the 22nd, we slide into the seventh sign in the zodiac, the Celestial constellation of Libra, the sign of the scales. People born during or under this sign are considerate, refined, and believe in partnership. The archetype is that of the Mediator, who strives to bring balance to any situation, partnership, or relationship.

The Cape of Cod has settled down into a lazy, relaxed energy, now that most of the visitors have gone back to their other lives.

The Writers Studio has seen a flip, as members have also left to return to their other lives somewhere over the bridge (not the Bass River Bridge). Although there was a time during the summer when crossing that bridge was dreary, cars lined up as far back as the West Dennis Library. I sat in that traffic a few times.

Last Friday, we were pleasantly surprised to welcome three new members into our studio. Two of the members have already published, one by a traditional publisher, the other self-published. Jeanne, one of the new members brought delicious brownies, a rare treat for us.

It is interesting to note that some new members, when attending for the first time have no idea what they want to do with their work. The only thing they do know is that they love to write, and we wholeheartedly encourage them to do this. It doesn’t matter what they write, so long as they WRITE. What they are going to write about will manifest when two things happen:

  1. When their story is ready to be written (I firmly believe stories seek out the writer). A story is out there in the ethers (energy) waiting for the perfect writer/author, and it won’t manifest until it finds the proper author to tell it.
  2. When the writer is ready to accept their story. That story could be somewhere buried on a sticky note, on a diary or journal page, as a thought deep in your sub-conscious, or a half-finished story buried in a bureau drawer, or a pile of letters hiding in the attic. (ask Dave about that one)

Something Sinister had been lurking on my computer screen for 3 years under a different title (Spies, Lies and Haunted Eyes).   My Angels INSISTED I work on that manuscript. I had a battle with them, because I was writing the sequel to Stones and Bones. That is still waiting to be finished. (Stones and Clones) It only needs a few more chapters.

Once again, I have placed Something Bloody on hold while I finish a book for the members of our complex. Again, this is how books (stories) manifest.

We were at our weekly Coffee Connection when one of the members remarked that we sounded just like a Chicken Yard. (all the girls were chatting with each other).

“Yes!”   they agreed, and somebody should write a story about it, a book. (?)

All eyes turned to me. This has now become a community project…

Question: how the heck do I write chicken?

I have finally figured it out. My genre is Visionary Fiction, and that I write for young adults. (ages 8 to whatever) but chickens????

Yes, even with their limited vocabulary with vowels – ClAck, ClEck, ClIck, ClOck and ClUck this really stretches my very imperfect writing skills.

We are up to chapter five, and Candy, (one of the chicks) using her quilting skills, has created fifteen chicks, a mouse, a skunk, a fox, a raccoon, some adorable pumpkin chicks (Halloween costumes) and so much more. Her husband, Dave, has built them a hen house condo.

This is Pierre

The girls have adopted an Exotic Chicken for their character, and given them a name and features.

This is Goldie, A Frizzled Polish Hen

Is this fun, or what???

This is me, Fiona Fizzle, the author. I couldn’t resist her.


There you have it. We (I) plan to have the book finished in time to publish it for December launch…



News from The Cape of Cod

Good morning Friends and Fellow Writers:

Blogging time again.

Techie trouble. 😢 Microsoft did a huge update and that affected my network adapter, so that my internet connection was vague at best. You know how that makes for a very unsettled life, especially for a self-publisher. (Pirates Aaargh)

Options? Bring it (my Lenovo desktop all-in-one) to Best Buy, (can I even lift it?) or send for the Geek Squad. (Cost: $100.00 and counting)

My daughter, Tina, came to the rescue. She runs a William Raevis Real Estate office in Osterville with over 40 agents who all have laptops and constant techie snags, which she fixes. Where I ever got these technically advanced children is always a miracle to me. My son, Steve, is a computer guru, who worked on the Dragon Speech enabled program. Go figure.

Long story short, Tina did her magic and now I am back, and she did it all for a bowl of burnt popcorn.

The Cape of Cod is flooded with tourists, roads are starting to become a bit congested, and will be for the next 12 weeks. (Pirates Aaargh)

Those of us who have lived here have found excellent back roads and short cuts. It wasn’t surprising to see motorcycle police in Harwich Port last Sunday morning responding to an emergency at White’s Stadium. Watching them maneuver around the traffic was a sight to behold; sirens blasting, blue lights flashing. Our streets are so narrow, 2 lanes, and nowhere to pull over to make way for emergency vehicles. It was comforting to see the motorcycle police.

The Writer’s Studio is dwindling down, as some of the members are dealing with whatever life brings them. The rest of the members are still dedicated and working on their various manuscripts. All the members are such brilliant writers, and extremely interesting people who have incredibly varied backgrounds, creating the perfect atmosphere for writing. I am so blessed to be a part of it.

The sequel to Something Sinister, or next book in the series, Something Bloody, is blossoming. Count Vladimir Rupert, Pietro, Rostislav von Alucard, now fifth in line for the Transylvanian throne (two haf bin assassinated during the last century) is becoming a real, rounded character and ven ve finish vith dis story I vill haf a decided accent apart from my Bostonian curve. 😎

I am slowly introducing the characters from the first book, who will play a major role in this one; Grannie Good Witch, Bart (Bartholomew Bottomsworth), and Prudence Prendergast from the Nosey Snoops Detective Agency. If you read the first one, you will remember them.

On the home front, I was curious to see if there were any orbs here in the property around Pine Oaks Village, so I did a little night photography. The results were rather disappointing until I did some enhancement to the photo. Here is what we have in the woods behind my apartment.  See featured picture.  ABSOLUTELY AWESOME. What do you think?

There you have it! Have a smooth and fabulous week. May your network adapters remain functioning, and your keyboards work flawlessly, I must have hit some button inadvertently, because Now I can’t find my bloody curser. (Pirate Aaargh!)

Happy Writing,