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Calling all Authors and Writers

Calling all Authors and Writers

Calling all Authors and WritersCalling all Authors and Writers

Boxed Set

All four books at a reduced price

Prosperity Workbook

From Book 1: Is your bank balance saying Oh, Oh?

Is your checkbook running the other way?

That is Universe's way of telling you it is time to bring your life back into balance and go back to the basics. We recommend that you start with the basic Spiritual Laws of Prosperity or what I call the Spiritual Guidelines. These are the same Laws or Guidelines that have created Millionaires.

These are not any new concepts but have been given to us in many different ways. Many speakers and writers today use these same Laws to help people create riches and bring their lives back into balance. You can, too. We invite you to download this e-Book, start applying these time proven principles and change your life! 

Remarkable Relationships

“Relationships are everywhere. We are in relationships with everybody and everything that is around us.  We have relationships with our family, with our friends, our pets, our co-workers, with the environment surrounding us, with our own bodies and within our own bodies.

We are responsible for keeping all of these relationships in balance and harmony, and that takes a great deal of consciousness.  When one or more of these relationship is not in balance or harmony, we are certainly aware of it and it is reflected in our lives. 

To Your Health

Webster defines health as: “Physical and mental well being.  Freedom from disease.”

Health isn’t just eating the correct diet or doing the proper exercise, Health is the ultimate MIND-BODY CONNECTION!  Just as the Webster quote above states, health as a “physical and mental well being.”

Health is a key part of our lives.  To live in perfect health is the ultimate goal.  When the body is not in harmony, then dis-ease becomes obvious.  You will probably be surprised at some of the Guidelines for Health as you read on, some of the terms may not relate at all to health as you understand it but as you analyze the Guidelines/Truths/Laws, you will begin to see the patterns and the direct application that you may not have seen before. 

Everyone is Evolving

These Spiritual guidelines are for your own personal enlightenment - We use the Spiritual Laws all the time in everyday life, we just are not aware of them...  when you use them consciously in your life and learn to apply them, magical things begin to happen!